Welcome to the ALS Technology Loan Closet!!!

ALS TLC is a technology loan closet for individuals who have been diagnosed with ALS and other rare neuro-muscular disorders.   ALS TLC is a program of Touch the Future, Inc. and was created in partnership with the Warren Family, who knows first hand the challenges of living with ALS.

The Vision of ALS TLC is to ensure all individuals and their families who have been diagnosed and are living with ALS have the technology needed to be independent and to ensure the best quality of life possible as they fight these devastating diseases. 

ALS TLC is a developing program.  We working hard to raise the needed funds and receive donations of assistive technology in order to serve those in need.  Your support is greatly appreciated.  Time is of the essence and you can become a link to independence by making a tax deductible donation today.  DONATE NOW


Touch the Future

Touch the Future, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3, nonprofit organization. 

Our Vision is a technologically connected world that is healthy, accessible, and inclusive providing equal opportunities and maximum independence for all.

Our Mission is to create accessible, inclusive and environmentally sustainable communities that increase opportunities for independence, health and improved quality of life for individuals who are disabled, seniors, disabled Veterans, or from disadvantaged communities.  We are committed to the use of technology and our programs and services to assist individuals to successfully meet life goal.  We strive to ensure that technology is accessible and affordable to all.